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A Portrait

Kat Thorsen’s Portrait work – Kat is the subject of my documentary “Fear No Art”
How does an artist stay creative through all the ups and downs, rejections, achievements, vulnerability….

Rare One

Richard Linklater’s Long Awaited ‘Boyhood’ Starring Ethan Hawke to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

There are long-gestating films that take forever to make due to complications and circumstance. Then there’s the rare one that takes years by design.

Richard Linklater has been making Boyhood since 2002. The film isn’t delayed or in trouble or anything like that. Boyhood is designed to chronicle the growth of a boy from age 6 to his last year of high school at 17 or 18. Ellar Salmon plays the boy through the entire film, because Linklater has shot the movie essentially in sequence, creating new scenes each year since ’02 as Salmon grew.

Ethan Hawke plays the boy’s stepfather and Patricia Arquette his mother. There are similar projects to this one — Paul Almond and Michael Apted’s Up series qualifies — but no dramatic narrative quite like Boyhood. We’ve known about the film for a long time but didn’t know when we’d be able to see it.

The actor told The Huffington Post the film is “the most truly original, revolutionary thing I’ve ever been a part of”.

My Film:

My documentary ‘Fear No Art’ has been shot over the last 23 years for a similar reason … My desire as a filmmaker to explore life and relationships over a period of time.

See Also:

Up series – a series of documentary films that have followed the lives of fourteen British children since 1964, when they were seven years old.

Antoine Doinel – French filmmaker François Truffaut followed the fictional life of Antoine Doinel (played by Jean-Pierre Léaud) for over 20 years.


The No Censorship Quilt. #custodyart #craftivism

This quilt is sketched/painted/handsewn by youth in rival gangs at the Burnaby Youth Custody Centre 2006-2007, facilitated by Katarina Thorsen, therapeutic art facilitator (and the featured artist in Fear No Art).














“This quilt (79″ x 56”) was made during my art therapy program at a youth custody centre.

I LOVED my time volunteering as the art therapist at Burnaby Youth Custody Centre in 2006-2008. It started with the “Friday Art Class,” then it turned into the “Friday Art Classes,” then “Monday, Wednesday, Friday” etc etc! My time there taught me so much of the healing power of art and that there are no bad kids, just bad decisions.

I have only one rule- NO CENSORSHIP while in art therapy, and it really is a powerful rule. Allowing free expression fosters camaraderie. This quilt allowed rival gang members to work together on a powerful piece, and lots of respectful conversation and art making ensued. The result is quite lovely. Truly a lesson in the healing power of art.

The quilt then stayed in my art therapy room at an alternative school from 2008 to 2011. It truly contains all the tears and laughter from my time there. This is one very special piece! It holds so many stories.”

– Katarina Thorsen

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