Wall of Art

Given the extraordinary size of their epic street-art murals, it’s probably safe to say that the Polish street-art duo Etam Cru is one of the next big things in urban street art.

The duo, which consists of street artists Sainer and Bezt, creates massive street art murals that are often several stories tall and dripping with color. Their work is rich in Eastern European mysticism and folkloric symbolism, but they also play with humor, sarcasm and surrealism.

Although the Poland-based team works primarily in Eastern Europe, they have created works all over the world, with murals in the U.S., Portgual, and other countries.

Naturally, artworks of this size, scope and quality take a lot of time and resources to create. In the videos they’ve posted on their site, Etam Cru use scaffolding and cherry pickers to complete their work. They also use studio with professional artists’ equipment. As such, they represent the growing acceptance in mainstream society of street art as a truly legitimate and worthwhile art form. With more highly professional, creative and masterful artists like Sainer and Bezt, we might yet see street art and the pseudonymous artists who create it get the recognition that they deserve.




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