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Charm which the Domesticated Volumes Lack.

“Secondhand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) Author

Yes, I am, we are, artists are…


Literary Greats on Censorship

Meditations on and responses to censorship from a selection of literary heroes from the past century.

In Mrs. Warren’s Profession (public library), George Bernard Shaw puts it in the most deterministic terms possible:

All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.

In September of 1965, Susan Sontag wrote in her diary, As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980:

I am against censorship. In all forms. Not just for the right of masterpieces — high art — to be scandalous.

But what about pornography (commercial)?
Find the wider context:
notion of voluptuousness à la Bataille?
But what about children? Not even for them? Horror comics, etc.
Why forbid them comics when they can read worse things in the newspapers any day. Napalm bombing in Vietnam, etc.

A just/ discriminating censorship is impossible.

In 1985, when the Public Library in Nijmegen decided to remove Charles Bukowski’s Tales of Ordinary Madness (public library) after a complaint from a reader, declaring it “very sadistic, occasionally fascist and discriminatory against certain groups (including homosexuals),” a local journalist reached out to the author for a response. Bukowski immediately fired off an altogether brilliant letter, which included a direct shot at the essence of censorship:

“Censorship is the tool of those who have the need to hide actualities from themselves and from others. Their fear is only their inability to face what is real, and I can’t vent any anger against them. I only feel this appalling sadness. Somewhere, in their upbringing, they were shielded against the total facts of our existence. They were only taught to look one way when many ways exist.”

World Health Day

World Health Day #authorsfestival with @InfluencePub and @chaptersindigo
Apr 4-7!
by Kat Thorsen
Spring Festival


The Books and Authors featured in the World Heath Day Authors Festival:

Cracking the Dementia Code – Karen Tyrell

The Long Road – Jennifer De Pippo

What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask – Dr. Manon Bolliger

Drawn Together – Katarina Thorsen

Relentless –Josh Wood

Hello Susan, It’s Me, Cancer!- Susan D’Agostino

Event Schedule (Author Talks and Question Period)*:

April 4, 3-5pm – Broadway *

2505 Granville Street, Vancouver

April 5, 1pm – Victoria

1212 Douglas Street, Victoria

April 6, 1-3pm – Whiterock

2445 160th Street, Surrey

April 7, 1-3pm – Park Royal *

900 Park Royal South, West Vancouver

* Katarina will be attending the April 4 and 7 events

Prize Draws:

Grand prize draw including a free 1-hr consultation with Karen Tyrell ($75 value)

Personalized portrait by Katarina Thorsen: China Marker on Newsprint 18″ x 24″ Value: $200 See sample: http://katthorsen.com/portraits/

Indiegogo Outpost – crowdfunding web link

Indiegogo To Add Option For Companies To Embed Crowdfunding Campaigns On Own Websites

There is no shortage of crowdfunding websites out there, vying to help you raise cash for your big idea but the two highest profile outfits remain Kickstarter and Indiegogo — the former having the reputation of the 800 pound gorilla in the crowdfunding room.

According to research, Kickstarter was responsible for raising around 6x more successful funding than Indiegogo (Indiegogo did dispute that research, however).

Whatever the truth, the perception remains that Indiegogo plays second fiddle to Kickstarter. Which gives it all the more reason to broaden out its feature-set to crank up its appeal. Case in point: it’s announced a plan to extended its reach with the launch of a tool, called Indiegogo Outpost, that will let companies run Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns as embeds on their own websites.

What’s the point of that? It says the idea is to allow companies with large followings/powerful existing brands of their own to leverage the traffic and energy that’s directed at their own website.

“We’re always looking for new ways to help Indiegogo campaigns directly engage with audiences who are likely to support them,” said Slava Rubin, Indiegogo co-founder and CEO, in a statement coming on the planned launch.

Outpost campaigns won’t be exclusively out on a limb. They will also get a mirrored campaign on Indiegogo’s website so the company running an Outpost campaign still gets to tap into its nine million monthly unique visitors — in a ‘have your cake & eat it’ type scenario.

Beyond that, the tool also, of course, adds another string to Indiegogo’s bow in the feature-set competition with Kickstarter.

Indiegogo said Outpost campaigns will be able to use its own campaign analytics tools, or integrate third party tools such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel or Facebook retargeting if they prefer.

They can also still be included in Indiegogo’s own marketing channels. And Outposters will get support from Indiegogo in the form of access to its educational resources, Trust and Safety team, and Customer Happiness team.

The Outpost tool is due to launch in the first quarter of this year. There will be no setup fees for activating Outpost — which Indiegogo said uses the same HTML and JavaScript embedding technologies that products such as Google Maps, Facebook commenting, and Google Analytics use to enhance external websites.

One potential risk associated with extending the reach of crowdfunding off of a central hub website is that scammers might seek to take advantage to run bogus crowdfunding campaigns which aren’t in any way affiliated with Indiegogo. Of course such campaigns wouldn’t have any mirror on the main Indiegogo website — so that’s one way for future crowdfunders to verify that an Indiegogo Outpost campaign is bona fide.

Things Henri Cartier-Bresson Can Teach You About Street Photography

#2 of 10

Be Patient

When Henri Cartier-Bresson would talk about “The Decisive Moment” he said sometimes it would be spontaneous but others times he had to be patient and wait for it. Regardless he was very methodological when he would go out and shoot, and would only keep his images if every element of his image (people, background, framing, and composition) were perfect.